EDUCAUSE 2016 Pre-Departure

Well, the time of year is upon us again:  The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference.  This time, as in 2013 and 2010, it is in Anaheim, California.  I’m finishing up this post from the airport, waiting for my flight to Anaheim.

Those of you who have been following my career know 2010 was a very surreal year for me, and it’s hard for me not to think of that year as I come back to Anaheim again.   I’m also trying to come up with new things to say but it’s probably easiest to just also refer you back to what I’ve said before:

This year, of course, is different–it’s the first time I’m going to EDUCAUSE as a representative of my new institution.  I’m in a different place and have a different role, so in some ways what I do will change.  And despite this being the 7th annual conference where I’ll be doing it, my virtual avatar is getting some renewed attention from the press, so I’m doing my best to keep the observations there fresh, exciting and relevant.  It will be a combination of saying things I want to say again and reacting to things as they happen naturally.

I have also found myself making sure I make appointments with people I want to see.  There’re so many people I need to catch up with this year I want to be sure not to miss anyone.  I do usually manage to see everyone I need to see, at least once, but it’s getting harder and harder to rely on that.

All told, I’m looking forward to another rewarding and exciting conference experience.  If we haven’t yet met IRL, please feel free to look me up.  I’ll try and post on Twitter when I’m someplace cool.  Or hey, you can friend me on Swarm too.

I may try to post in real time about my experiences.  Either way, I’ll be on the Twitter like a crazy man, so let’s do this!

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